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The AFMC SCC ESDS is a completely secure and customizable web-based application that enables organizations to streamline their technical support process. The application brings balance and discipline for harmonizing requirements, development, maintenance, and sustainment to support fielding and support of software intensive systems. Problem and resolution repositories, electronic access to software, technical publications, and documents, and an interactive user forum provide higher readiness and shorter response times to the implementation of changes and problem resolutions. The AFMC SCC ESDS ensures that problems and the need for changes are controlled and organized, historically maintained, and expedited through predetermined configuration control and management processes in support of the Warfighter.

The AFMC SCC ESDS Problem reports are controlled and organized along predetermined management and system processes, synchronizing with requirements, and implemented to ensure that they operate synergistically from an integrated operational perspective in support of the Warfighter.

24/7 Electronic Distribution & Virtual Help Desk System

This system was designed specifically to support a wide variety of DoD hardware systems and software applications, thus setting it apart from any commercial help desk application. The system complies with all DoD standards and restrictions for Internet based code and architecture. Most commercial products currently use either unaccredited Java Applets or ActiveX, both of which are restricted by the DoD in publicly accessible websites. Additionally, this system is completely customizable to meet the specific needs of any organization. Problem tracking and resolution has become significantly more efficient within organizations that are using the Global Support Center.

The system is a simple but powerful application that makes it easy to track and resolve reported problems by communicating instantly with administrators, subject matter experts, managers, and end users regardless of their location. The system provides users an easy and effective way to either search a database for a resolution to their problem or to submit the problem for evaluation and resolution by a subject matter expert.

Some of the features and benefits of the Global Support Center include:

  • Multi-Server Distributed Help Desk – Capable of tracking data from multiple servers at multiple locations, automatically synchronizing data from remote locations to a centralized server.
  • Fully customizable and configurable application and database.
  • 100% Web-based – No client side software (other than a browser) required to be loaded on an end user workstation.
  • Configurable Electronic User Notification for resolved issues, general bulletins, or software patches via email, text capable pager, or mobile phone.
  • Supports multiple organizations, projects, or military systems with the ability to completely segregate users, administrators, and data for each respective system.
  • Sophisticated Incident and Problem Reporting with the ability to attach external files and dynamically configure organizational or military system specific data fields.
  • Emergency Incident/Problem Notification & Resolution via pager or mobile phone.
  • Priority-based Escalation of Incident Reports.
  • Fully Searchable Comprehensive Problem Resolution/Knowledge Base Database.
  • User Collaboration Forum & Chat Room with Online Meeting capability.
  • Online Access to System Technical Publications & Support Documents.
  • Document/File Management and Sharing capability.
  • Sophisticated Online Ordering and Electronic Distribution of Software capability with distribution tracking, automated version control, and COTS license tracking.
  • Wireless Application Integration for web-enabled mobile phones, PDA’s, or similar devices.
  • Configurable Audit History.
  • Vast array of Reporting by Incident, Originator, Status, or Problem type, Priority, Date and other attributes (with export capability to Microsoft Excel & Word formats).
  • Optional capability to link help desk application directly to or from associated technical document(s)
  • DA Form 2028 (Technical Publication Change Request Form) web interface.

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Q1: Who needs Access to the AFMC SCC ESDS?

Any military, DoD civilian, or DoD contactor personnel supporting any of the systems that are included as part of this website. For a list of these systems, please review the User Application Request form.

Q2: How do I Apply For Access?

A2: Click Here to Apply For Access

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